Stratilium: Internet Strategy

Stratilium helps organisations with their activities on the internet. We advice in each possible phase how you can get the utmost out of your internet presence, from long-term strategy to impromptu marketing campaign.

We look pragmatically at your goals, and how they can be met as effective as possible. We have a broad experience managing software development, internet marketing campaigns and being found on the internet.

Stratilium understands how the internet works, and how the internet can work for you. Contact us to see how we can make the internet work for you.

  1. Strategy intertwined with the internet
    Stratilium helps you execute your strategy and meet your targets by means of the internet. We understand what does and does not work, and how you can reach your goals as swiftly as possible.
  2. Online Marketing that works
    Marketing has changed drastically due to the internet. But which activities are effective, and which campaigns reach their goals? Stratilium takes an operational-strategic level look at your marketing, and couple you with the correct partners to setup a successful marketing campaign.
  3. Accessibility for a large audience
    You already have a website, but your visitors do not respond as you expect. Stratilium is an expert in SEO and assures that your website is better accessible in Google. We have look with you at your website, and assure you meet your targets.
  4. Software Project Management
    The development of websites, applications and apps is difficult. Gathering and implementing the correct functionalities is an obstacle. And once you’ve managed that, the costs unexpectedly rise. Stratilium managed the development process, contains the cost and assures that the right functionalities are correctly implemented.