Internet Strategy

In an ever-increasing digital world, your organization should stay up-to-date. But how do you do this concretely? How do you assure that you reach your targets by means of the internet? Stratilium watches over you. We analyse your strategy, and how we can align it perfectly with the abilities of the internet.

Stratilium has plentiful experience with online strategy. We understand how we can adapt your current strategy with online activities, and how to reach your goals online. Please contact us, to discuss how we can apply your strategy successfully online.

Online Marketing

If it concerns social media, Google Adwords, or a Youtube channel, Stratilium helps your marketing campaign become a success. Decade-long experience in online marketing helps us understand which campaign works with which target audience.

From the perspective of commercial strategy we analyse your marketing targets. Combining that strategy perspective with your target audience, we develop a plan to develop your marketing campaigns, and to reach your targets on time. Stratilium has a broad network of professionals that can help you at every step of this process.

Please contact us to see how we can successfully execute your marketing campaign.

Transitioning to Mobile

In 2013, the usage of mobile devices to read email increased with 21%, practically half of all email is being read on a smartphone or tablet, more than half of all internet traffic came from smartphones and tablets.

The internet has gone mobile, and you can stay behind. Stratilium has the knowledge in-house to help you transition your internet activities to mobile. Might it be the development of a new website that is accessible and readable on mobile devices, or the development of a smartphone app. We understand the barriers and issues that come up with mobile development, and posses the testing equipment to assure that you are accessible on each platform available.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you transition to mobile.

Software Project Management

The development of applications, online or offline, can be very complex. Stratilium has devised a method which allows these projects to be completed on-time, within budget.

We can enter the project at any phase to take over control, from initiation and gathering requirements, to a second opinion on the delivered quality. We possess over the our own high-quality development team, that delivers top-quality products, but working along-side your own development team is no problem either.

Please contact us to see how we can transform the development of your idea to a success.

SEO & Adwords

Having a website hasn’t been a differentiating factor for years. Everyone has a website. However, being found on the internet, ranked highly by Google, decides how successful you are online. From your strategy outwards, Stratilium helps you getting found on the internet. By means of both technical and and content-wise adaptations to your website we assure that your website is getting ranked on top in Google, Bing and/or any other search engine.

We have developed a robust method for search engine optimization (SEO). We take care that your website ranks high on the appropriate keywords. This can be combined with advertisements (banners, adwords), by which a proper mix is made between advertisement results and search results.

Search engine advertising, like adwords, can be an additional component to reach a target audience at your website. we have the expertise to effectively utilize these ads to execute your strategy and reach your targets.

Contact us to see how we can improve your google ranking and reach your target audience.

Analysis & Business Intelligence

You have a successful website, and a constant stream of visitors. But what are these visitors doing exactly? How do they reach your website, and which marketing methods are effective?Stratilium has expertise in the field of analysis and business intelligence. We analyse your visitors’ patterns and your ad results, through known and custom developed metrics. We couple these to your strategic policies. This way, a statistically grounded decision making process is created.

Even if you have little to no data, we can get insights in your internet activities and results. Allowing you to execute your strategy in an assured way, data driven decision making.